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Programs in Libraries

THE OLD-TIME MUSIC SHOW (title can be changed to match current theme)

Typically one-hour in length, the show features a delightful mix of historical information, playful dialogue, audience participation, and pioneer music played on the banjo, guitar, autoharp, spoons, musical saw, jewsharp, noseflute, limberjack, harmonica, ukulele, washboard, and washtub bass. The show is appropriate for audiences of any size and any age. The show can be adapted to match your library's current theme. Available for touring. Sound system provided. Promotional materials available in Media Kit.

FRAYED KNOT - pioneer string figures & string magic

Appropriate for ages 6 & up, participants learn how to weave a simple loop of string into a variety of lifelike figures and magic escape tricks, just like the pioneers did! Typically scheduled for 30-60 minutes. String and follow-up materials provided.

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